Birchbox: March 2016

My March Birchbox is here and so since I just did my Ipsy I figured I would put up this guy around the same time since they are both similar subscriptions at $10 a month. Birchbox is slightly different in the fact that they don’t send a makeup bag every month, their points system is better, and they generally have more higher end samples than full-size drugstore like Ipsy. But they both have their strengths and weaknesses, which one did I like better this month? Let’s find out!

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Birchbox is generally worth it to me for their points system, since each item you review in your box gives you 10 points, usually every two boxes gets you $10 credit to use in their store. The nice thing about that is they often have free shipping on a ton of items and so you can get higher end items discounted on a fairly often basis. For example one time I cashed in on my points for the Smashbox Full Exposure palette with free shipping..considering it was a $52 palette I was extremely happy! I also like to get my Not Soap Radio body wash from Birchbox too! *PS if you haven’t tried those yet, oh my lanta I love them!*

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In lieu of the monthly makeup bag, Birchbox sends out a decorated box and tissue paper. I generally like to save them and re-purpose them as gift boxes, don’t judge. Anyhow, enough rambling, let’s get to the products this month.

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Ner:d Skincare Miraculous Brightening Clarifying Face Cleanser ($3): Since I received a toner in my Ipsy bag, I was kind of happy to receive a face cleanser in Birchbox. I have a couple Juice Beauty products i’m trying to get rid of first but then this will be going into rotation. I have a feeling I will like this one since it’s a soapy cleanser and I’ve heard pretty good things about it. Unfortunately its a product you have to keep using to give a review so i’ll let ya know when it’s empty!

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Cargo Land Down Under Eye Shadow Palette Sample in Beach & Bridge ($~6.80): Well I would have loved to try this out but it came completely shattered and made a huge mess so I didn’t feel like trying to fix it 😦 I did find it interesting that the shadows in the palette are only 0.03 oz each and the sample was 0.05 each. I wish they would have maybe made the samples smaller like the palette and then made it a trio or quad since there seems to be some really pretty colors in it. Oh well. There was zero protection for this guy and very clearly bounced around. I contacted Birchbox and now waiting for a reply on how they will handle this situation. I will update the post when I receive an answer.

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Dr. Lipp Miracle Balm ($3.30): I’ve heard of Dr. Lipp products before and I think I may have a sample of the nipple balm *insert adolescent joke* somewhere in my piles of makeup, but I’ve always heard really good things. Since I live in hell aka Florida, dried and sunburned lips are a reality and this may just help prevent them from getting bad. It is very thick though so you really don’t need a lot and it can be used on all different parts of the body in different ways for example: eye primer, eyebrow taming, sunburned area, dry skin, etc. On the lips if you use a small amount its not sticky or goopy feeling, and there is no taste. I wouldn’t say I prefer it over some of my other lip balms but so far I like it as a multi-task product.

FullSizeRender (7)FullSizeRender

Parlor by Jeff Chastain Volumizing & Texturizing Shampoo & Conditioner ($3.88): I’ve never heard of this shampoo/conditioner before but since I have pretty thick and wavy hair I don’t generally look for voluminous products. I haven’t tried them yet but they smell good, kind of have a fruity but woodsy scent in there too. I kind of wished they gave the same amount of conditioner as shampoo but its a bonus item and so i’m not surprised. At least that extra item bumped me to getting another free $10! I’ll report back either in my March empties or April Birchbox.

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Pinrose Pillowtalk Poet + Moonlight Gypsy Petal Pack Duo: These are travel towelettes with the fragrances perfectly measured. I think the idea of perfume towelettes are cool especially when you are traveling or don’t want to carry about bottles of perfumes or spray since they are so small and convenient. However they are not my scent whatsoever…Moonlight Gypsy reminds me of an old lady with notes of cardamom (mmmm schoolbread from Epcot), orange blossom, and sandalwood while Pillowtalk Poet reminds me of a baby which surprise! has notes of powder, amber, and musk. Out of the two I prefer Pillowtalk Poet but I wouldn’t buy these at all, i’m much more of a fruity/sweet scented gal.

Okay so while I did get more in value than the box, I can’t say I was overly thrilled this month. The lip balm is decent and i’m interested in trying out the cleanser but with hair products I don’t need, stinky perfume wipes, and a broken eye shadow it left me with a “meh” feeling. I am excited how they considered each item a sample and so I received 70 points from this box which is essentially $7 back..hmm, maybe they knew it was a crappy box! Lol I kid..but I did have some points expiring this month so I was able to pick up theBalm’s Mary-Lou Manizer (recently got a sample and LOVED it) discounted to $14 and free shipping plus 4% cash back from using Ebates. Yup I pretty much scored today.

So product wise this month goes to Ipsy but Birchbox wins for getting me my highlighter cheaply 😉

I kind of like putting Ipsy and Birchbox in the boxing ring together and seeing which one is better on a monthly basis since they are so similar. Would you rather see unboxings of Ipsy and Birchbox separately with my final product thoughts on the following month or should I put them on a match-up post and see which is better each month with final product thoughts in an empties type post? Let me know in the comments!

If you’re interested in signing up for Birchbox you can do so here. There’s also a male box as well but it jumps to $20 instead of $10. If you sign up under my referral link, THANK YOU! I can use those points towards more fun products in the store. 🙂


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