Pinch Me: Free Sample Box Feb ’16

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Hey guys! I finally received one of my PinchMe boxes (they come from Australia and usually the month after) and I get so excited when I see these because free stuff is inside! Now with my experience, most samples are on the smaller side (think foil packets and trial sized, etc) but I have scored quite a few times with full-sized items!


In February, a few of my other samples were sold out by the time I got to them so my box is pretty small. The in-shower lotion samples is something I just received in my Walmart Beauty Box (another free box but costs shipping) so i’m excited to have two tries for that product plus coupons! Gevalia coffee is one of my mom’s favorite coffees and since we have a Keurig, we also have an adapter that allows us to use ground coffee so this will get used for sure. The sample makes 4 cups which isn’t bad for free! Since I can’t have Splenda aka sucralose, I am always looking for a sugar substitute that tastes decent so that I can use it occasionally. I haven’t tried it yet but maybe i’ll give it a go in my coffee this morning. They also included a $100 wine voucher to, I don’t even bother with these because there are so many restrictions and you have to buy a minimum of $160 in wine! I’m not sure I would ever spend $60 on wine unless there’s a huge event going on and even then that likelihood would be really low.

If you’re unfamiliar with PinchMe, it is a free website to sign up for that you are able to try out products before you buy. Samples are released one Tuesday at noon each month so the downside is 1) you have to be available at that time and 2) you have to be quick because samples are first come first serve. You do have a profile you fill out so that samples choices are “customized” to you but I don’t know for sure if they really go by that. If you are interested in signing up, April’s samples will be released Tuesday the 14th and you can do that here.

Do you get PinchMe boxes? Do you get anything different? If you’re not signed up, what websites do you use for freebies?! Let’s chat it up 🙂

Disclaimer: This post is not compensated or sponsored by the brands mentioned above. All words are my own unless otherwise noted. Referral or affiliate links may be used in this post if applicable.

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