Disney Movie Rewards Haul

Hey guys! I know I’ve been MIA for awhile but I wanted to share with you a recent haul I did from my Disney Movie Rewards! If you’re anything like me, I grew up watching Disney movies and even as a quasi-adult (i’m 27) my collection of Disney movies have grown to outrageous levels. Seriously, I had to buy a bookcase to hold all of my movies. My goal is to one day own pretty much every Disney movie that way my future kids will be able to grow up on the fantastic classic Disney movies that I did and still watch on a regular basis. Shh. Anyways, one of the perks of owning Disney movies are these gold mines…


These inserts include a unique code that you can enter on Disney Movie Rewards to gain points and then you can use your points to “buy” great rewards like movies, gift cards, and figurines all with free shipping! The great thing about this program is 1)it’s free 2)your digital movies from Blu-Rays transfer automatically for you to your Disney Movies Anywhere account and 3)points add up fast! Points are also available by buying CDs and seeing Disney movies in the theaters so save your ticket stubs!

Rewards are constantly being added for both kids and adults so I never feel like I miss out if something goes out of stock. Every few weeks i’ll go on and look through the newly added rewards and add what i’m interested in to my “wish list” so that when i’m ready to redeem they are only a click away. I redeemed just over 2400 points during this haul!


Elsa Pop! Vinyl Doll (750 points): I’m SUPER excited to add this one to my collection! I collect the Disney Pop! figurines (and The Walking Dead..I know what an odd mix) and these guys tend to be expensive to purchase a lot of so I usually get them for birthday or Christmas presents. I have my eye on Anna next but I wish they had Olaf or Sven on the rewards.


Make Mine Music Gold Edition DVD (600 points): I loved Fantasia and the classic Disney music so when I found this I grabbed it up. I remember watching the Sing-Along-Song videos ALL the time growing up and this particular DVD has some old school shorts that are sure to please. They even included an insert with another code for more points..score!


Have A Laugh Volume 2 (550 points): Again, I love classic Disney and wish they played more of the older cartoons instead of the new live shows but what can ya do. I went ahead and grabbed this out of my wish list. This too included an insert with another code for more points.


Have A Laugh Volume 4 (550 points): I found it weird they have volumes 2 and 4 but not 1 and 3 so I went ahead and grabbed this one too. Who doesn’t like classic Disney cartoons?! And again, another insert was inside..woohoo!

In the past i’ve redeemed points for things like Lion King pins, blu-rays, decorations, and even $10 Disney gift cards! So I definitely suggest going through your personal collection and see how many inserts you have in your cases! And if this isn’t for you i’ll gladly take your codes off your hands 😉 just kidding but not really.

2 thoughts on “Disney Movie Rewards Haul

    • I love staying on property when I visit Disney because they literally have a channel that plays nothing but classic Mickey cartoons! I wish Brighthouse had that type of channel..maybe they do I should look into it!

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