Smiley360: Chapstick Hydration Lock Mission Review

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Hey everyone! Recently I was accepted into the #PutYourLipsFirst mission with Chapstick and Smiley360 and I was super excited because I love trying out products and giving my two cents..obviously! Also, I live in Florida and my poor lips take such a beating that they were definitely up to adding some hydration. If you haven’t heard of Smiley360, it is a website that lets you test out products and services for FREE in exchange for your honest review! Super easy and no catch 🙂 If you would like more information, check out their website but for now let’s get into the review!

Every time you accept a mission you are sent the mission kit to help you with the various activities that are requested to be completed. This kit included randomly selected one of the two variations in new Chapstick Hydration Lock line, five manufacturer coupons to pass out, a sharing guide, and a link for a printable manufacturer coupon. I was sent the Moisturize & Renew to put my lips first but I actually have received the Day & Night version as well from a different source so I will post my thoughts on both!

First off, I love the idea of a dual-ended stick! I know personally I have a ton of lip balm and they always are so hard to either dig out of your purse or you’re grabbing the wrong ones, now I have two formulas on one convenient stick which saves times and space! These are also non-tinted so even the fellas can get on the action of having awesome lips!

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Moisturize & Renew: This dual stick has anti-aging formulas that delivers advanced moisturizing benefits such as fuller, smoother, and younger looking lips and help reducing the appearance of fine lines. The moisturize side has a light vanilla scent to it contains CoQ10 and Hyaluronic Spheres that give your lips a smoother and fuller appearance. I thought it went on pretty nicely and I like to use this side before putting on my makeup for the day, this way my lips stay nice and hydrated while covered by lipgloss or lipstick. The renew side has more of a botanical/herbal scent (not strong by any means) and literally feels SO good on my lips! As soon as I put it on my lips felt instantly soft and hydrated. This formula contains natural butters that softens, conditions, and revitalizes lips. I like to use this side throughout the day if my lips need a touch-up. This stick is perfect for the person on the go, a night out on the town, or someone who just wants to have awesome lips! It has definitely become a must in my daily routine.


Day & Night: This dual stick has skin protection on one side and replenishing butters on the other to provide 24-hour lip care. The day side has SPF 12 which is nice to have if you’re out in the sun, this way you have a little added protection to your lips which I think most people tend to forget about when they are putting on SPF for whatever reason. This formula is unflavored so you can put it on and is perfect for guys who think lip balms might be too girly. The night end has tamanu oil, natural butters, and antioxidants to replenish your tired lips at night. This formula has a slight scent of chamomile which is used in a lot of products to help with soothing yourself to sleep. I didn’t really notice any difference in the feel of the formulas and they both made my lips feel really good. Like I said earlier, I live in Florida and I work at a zoo which is when I love to use the Day with SPF in the morning after my morning routine that way I know my lips are protected and feel good despite it being “fall” and still 90 degrees outside! I like to use the day side at the end of the day right before I go to bed knowing that my lips are restoring themselves like the rest of my body! This stick is perfect for anyone that spends time outside and doesn’t want to spend a lot of time thinking about their lips!

Overall I definitely recommend checking out Chapstick’s new line of lip balms, they are easy to find, reasonably priced (especially with a coupon), and are really convenient. I will definitely continue using mine!

I received this mission for free from Smiley360 for testing and reviewing purposes only. This post is not compensated or sponsored by the brands mentioned.All words are my own unless otherwise noted

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