Bulu Weight Loss Box Aug ’14

Hey lovelies! Catching up on my subscription services and Bulu was in the pile! Bulu has two box options, regular and weight loss samples, and I recently subscribed to both, but the regular sub hasn’t started up yet.

BuluBox:Use code WOOHOO20 to get your second box free! Please let me know if link is expired or code doesn’t work, i’ll send you a new one 🙂

Type:Fitness/Health Box

Cost: $10/month

What: Monthly subscription of samples geared toward overall health/fitness or weight loss depending on the box option. They have a points system where you can review products and use the points for full-sized products in their store!

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They include a card with what is in your box, retail price, and on the back is a journal that you can jot down on how you felt before the sample after. I don’t think that the sample sizes are truly big enough to see the claims on some of them but you’ll know if you get jitters and things like that. There are also ads and coupon codes for other companies to try out.

photo 4

Sleepy Beans (value $1.33): They say sleep is one of the most important aspects to weight loss and as a college student I definitely do not get enough! I received two 2-pill samples of this product which says take 1-2 before bedtime so I could get 4 nights worth out of this. I will definitely try these out for nights I need some decent sleep, hopefully they work!!

photo 4 (1)

Kay’s Naturals Tomato Basil Protein Puffs (value $2.33): This bag has 110 calories, 12g of protein and 4g of fiber! I love the idea of these flavored puffs when I want some crunch instead of diving head first into a chip bag. I’m definitely putting this in my lunchbox for the upcoming week! This company also makes other flavors, protein pretzels, and cookies so I might look into them more for a healthier snack option.

photo 2 (1)

Bikini Ready Energy Gummies (value $1.20): These are energy gummies that contain B-12 and caffeine to help increase metabolism and give a quick boost of energy. I’ve heard these taste pretty gross but i’ll give them a shot the next day I work out or when i’m having a hard time waking up to give me a little boost.

photo 3 (1)

Forgiven (value $2.99): This is a toxin remover from drinking and I have to say i’m pretty excited to try it. I will be going to Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival and staying at Disney in 5 weeks and I know i’ll be doing my fair share of drinking so this will be going with me! Plus it doesn’t have splenda which means I can actually use it since most shots have it, yay!!

photo 1 (1)

OxyTherm Pro (value $0.83): This is a thermogenic blend that helps start the release of fat cells and increase weight loss. I’m not sure how one pill is truly going to show me that this stuff works but i’ll give it a shot Thursday.

photo 5

Volo Vitamins (value $1.98): These stickpacks have vitamens, minerals, fruit powders, and natural energy boosters to help fuel your body and mind through tough workouts or low energy day. I think I might use these at school during the week when I usually go to Starbucks and pick up a coffee to get me through the rest of the day. Hopefully they taste good!

I received $10.66 in products for a $10 box, not the best value since last month was over $30 but I am overall pretty interested in trying the majority of the products out. I will also be getting $7 in reward points that i can use in the shop and have already bought a few things that I liked with my points. I’m pretty excited about the Forgiven shot, the protein puffs, and the drink mixes.

If you’re interested in checking out Bulu, make sure to use the discount code to get your second box for free. If the code isn’t working, leave a comment and i’ll give you a more current code (they change after so many days!) 🙂

This post is not sponsored or compensated by the brands mentioned above. All word are my own unless otherwise noted.

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