Classic Hollywood LE: BeautyBox5

Hey lovelies! I ordered one of the limited edition Hollywood boxes from Beauty Box 5 and I thought I would share what we received in the Classic box! I couldn’t decide which one I wanted more, the glam after Marilyn Monroe or the classic after Audrey room is plastered with both but I ultimately chose Audrey because I figured I would get more use out of the products on a regular basis but both promise a value of over $100. This box is purchased outside of your subscription and they were $39.00 a piece, so I opted for only one since i’m not made of money 😛

The box is a plain white box..nothing “glam” or “hollywood” about it..i’m not sure if this is normal for their limited edition boxes but there is literally nothing on here that let’s me know this is from BB5 except from the box it came in..Is this normal?!

photo 5(2)photo 4(2)photo 3(2)photo 2(3)

This is what I see when I first opened the box, there’s a decent amount of items, and a card that explains the theme and the items you received with their information, like typical BB5 boxes. There is also a card for $5 off an order of $25+ at, the code is not unique so if you’re interested the code BeautyBox5A expires on September 30th, let me know if you get a pair!

photo 1(3)photo 1


The first item is a pair of sunglasses that are a BB5 bonus so I don’t have a value, and I wasn’t sure of them at first because I generally like my sunglasses with “bling” but these are starting to grow on me!

photo 3(1) photo 2(2)photo 1(2)

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Ultra Lipstick (Sugar)~Value $22.50 I really like the packaging (doors) on this and the lipstick is a really nice nude color. I also like that it doesn’t have a scent because I am so guilty of messing with my lips all day long!


Maybelline Unstoppable Eyeliner (Onyx)~ Value $7.99 This goes on fairly easily and I love black eyeliner and feel like I can never have enough so i’m happy to get this one as of now.

photo 2

Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara (Blackest Black)~ Value $7.99 Alright, I love mascara but I am getting really tired of receiving this!! I literally have four of them and I know it is a new product but oh my lanta, please move on!!!! This will be gifted or put in a giveaway…maybe both since I have so many! 😦 Arggggg.

photo 5(1)

Bare Escentuals Eyelash Comb~ Value $10.00 Funnily enough before I purchased this box I was on the Ulta website and decided to buy a tool that had one of I have another one..I might put this aside too since I already have one..but this one does seem a little better quality. Does anyone really use these on a daily basis?

photo 2(1)photo 3

Valerie Beverly Hills Brow Pencil (Brown)~ Value $25.00 Ummm who in their right mind would spend that much money on a brow pencil?!? I am not impressed with this at all, it takes a lot of pressure to get any sort of color out of it and I don’t particularly need it for my eyebrows. I do like that there is a brush on the other end, but this one is going straight to the give box.

photo 6

Fusion Beauty Lipfusion Infatuation Lip Fattener (Pucker Up)~ Value $29.00 Again who in their right mind would spend that kind of money on a glorified lip gloss? Don’t get me wrong, I love the color, LOVE the scent, and even love the simple packaging but jeeez. I do like this though…just too cheap to buy so guess it’s a good thing they sent it!

photo 1(1)

Bare Escentuals Heavenly Liner Blending Brush~ Value $14.00 I always need new brushes so this is a welcomed addition because it is one of those things I hate paying for.

photo 4(1)

L’Oreal Color Riche Nail Polish (Versailles Romance)~ Value $5.99 I like that they put this nail polish in a box, just in case. The color is kind of a peachy nude, and seems to fit with the theme pretty well. I’m not sure if i’m going to love this color on me but i’ll give it a shot.

So that is my box! I paid $39 for $122.47 in product (plus whatever the glasses are), but I kind of feel like this box didn’t “wow” me like it should have for that price. I’m not too happy about receiving another one of those revlon mascaras and I hate the eyebrow pencil but everything else is a new product to me and worth trying out. I wonder what the differences were between this box and the glam box, if you got one please let me know!

Bottomline..I might give one more limited edition box a shot to impress me, otherwise i’m sticking to just the sub…

What do you think of the limited edition boxes…are they worth the money?

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