Beauty Box 5 July ’14 Review + Discount

Hey guys! I’m trying to get the rest of my July videos and posts up so bear with me cuz there is quite a few! I received my first box from Beauty Box 5 and i’m pretty excited to show you what I got so that I can dig in and play with everything! 🙂 Beauty Box 5 is a monthly beauty subscription ($12/month) that sends 4-5 deluxe and full-sized products for you to try, they also sell limited edition style boxes every so often that are separately. I purchased a limited edition hollywood box so be on the lookout for that post if you’re interested!

photo 4(3)photo 3photo 4(1)

photo 1


The theme for July is Defining Moments and BB5 wants to celebrate the events that made you the amazing woman you are today! My box came in a little banged up but all of the products were just fine so I wasn’t upset. They also include a card that let’s you know what you got and the prices for the full-size (which I got quite a few this month!) 🙂 Let’s get into the stuff!

photo 2

The first item Revlon Bold Lacquer Mascara ($7.99) is not something i’m excited about as I have received this is in numerous boxes this month! I’m assuming it is a brand new item and they are just promoting it but having 4 of the same mascara is a little too much for me. I will keep 1-2 and then gift or giveaway the other two.

photo 3(1)

The next item is Hask’s Argan Oil Intensive Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment ($2.49) and i’m actually pretty excited about this one. This pack says it has two times worth but I have really long and thick hair so hopefully i’ll be able to get two uses out of this. This is a full-sized product and all you have to do is apply it wet hair and wait 10 minutes!

photo 4(2)   photo 1(1)

The third item is Nicka K New York Nail Color ($4.99) and I couldn’t find a name for the color but it’s a really nice red. I’ve been obsessed with receiving nail polishes so i’m excited to get another one to add to my collection. I have to say though its going to be hard to beat my Sinful Colors love, they are just so dang cheap!

photo 2(1)

The next items is Body Drench Candy Licious Lips ($3.99) and i’m not super excited about getting a grape lollipop flavored one cuz grape isn’t my favorite artificial flavor buttttt it doesn’t smell horrible and supposedly tastes like the real thing. I also love the size of it, it is perfect to slip into a pocket, makeup bag, or purse.

photo 3(2)

The last product is H2O Plus Bath Aquatics Shampoo ($10.00 8.5 fl oz) and if I remember correctly I think this is the brand that they use at the Disney resorts. Anyone else know? I’ve actually already started using this and can get at least 3 showers out of it, and out of all my items this is the only sample size! I’m not crazy on the scent or feel that it wows me on my hair but i’m going to continue using it until its gone to make a final decision.

So I received over $20 in products and paid less than $12 because I got a year subscription and had a coupon code so i’m pretty happy with this box! I’ll use every item in the box (even though i’m not excited about the mascara) and really excited to see what I get next month. If you’re interested in trying out Beauty Box 5, click the link and use code HALFOFF for $6 off your first box! 🙂

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