Graze July ’14 Review + Discount

Hey guys! My second Graze box came recently and i’m pretty excited to show you what I received and what I thought about this box! Graze is a snack subscription service that is FULLY customizable, you can receive boxes weekly, biweekly, monthly, and even pause or cancel your shipments to cater to you! They also let you go on and see EVERY snack they offer and rate it based on your tastes and preferences so you don’t get a bunch of snacks you don’t want. At $6/box with four portion-controlled and healthy snacks with nuts and yummy stuff, this is steal! Make sure you check at the end of this post for a code to try your first box 100% free!

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I love that their boxes are full recyclable and this month has a cute 4th of July design! Inside has some yummy looking blueberries and a corny joke. “What did the flag say to the other? “Nothing it just waved” hey I warned you it was corny, but I look forward to them anyways. They always send a card with the nutrition facts, and this month is a little info on their school of farming that you can choose to donate your rewards to. I also like having the nutrition facts readily available so I can figure out my WW points quickly and easily. The snacks also come in a clear plastic container that are perfect for tossing in a purse or book-bag so I always have an emergency snack if needed.

photo 4

The first item is Lightly Toasted Pistachios and I was SO excited for these, I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove pistachios but boy they are expensive! This package has 1.1oz with 100 calories and are 3 WW points. Not gonna lie I totally chowed these down on my way home from school and enjoyed finger lickin’ every minute of it. They could seriously send me a box with nothing but these and i’d be one happy camper 🙂 Definitely two thumbs up!

photo 3

The next snack are Wholegrain Banana Dippers with Caramel Sauce and I was really excited about this too! Last month they sent me pretzels with natural peanut butter and the oil separated out and was too hard to mix it back in that the peanut butter was dry and gross so i’m happy they sent something simple for a “dip” snack. This 1.1oz snack has 150 calories and is 4 WW points, not bad for a sweet pick me up. I have to say these things are amazing! There is definitely a banana flavor in the cookies but it isn’t a fake banana (runts anyone?!) and not overpowering at all! The cookies basically melt in your mouth and adding that yummy caramel made my mouth sing in rejoice. I am addicted to these and I want more.

photo 5

The third snack in the box is Tutti Frutti which is a mixture of dried fruits like pineapple, cherry raisins, blueberry cranberries, and raisins. I like dried fruit but sometimes they can be really chewy or plasticy tasting. There is 1.4oz in the container with 120 calories and 3 WW points, unfortunately fruit is considered free on WW and this does not but it’s a nice change from normal dried fruit. I wasn’t impressed, the raisins were good but i’m not sure about everything else..I guess I just like my fruit in its natural state! This will be in my trash list 😦


My last item is Tomato & Basil Pizza with mini tomato breadsticks, cheese cashews, and basil crunchini pieces. And I have to say this was my least favorite of the four, I wanted to like it but the flavor just fell short and i’m not a huge fan of basil in large overpowering doses. This snack is .84oz with 120 calories and 3 WW points, and again, this is probably something I wouldn’t want again. I liked that they tried to go for a guilty pleasure taste while being healthy but it didn’t quite work out in my opinion…I like my pizza in triangle form!

Overall I really like this box despite only loving 2 of the snacks, much more than my first one, and I do like that after trying something I can go on the website and let them know if I want it again so i’m not stuck with something I won’t eat. I like the portions, they are enough to bring the hunger down and get you to the next meal without adding a bunch of calories, pair these up with a water and maybe some fruit if you’re really hungry for a low-point snack  on the go! I still dream about those banana caramel dippers…they were SO good..and my mouth is watering just thinking about them.

If you are interested in signing up for Graze, check out the link and use code F1G5WZH3P to get your first box 100% free, you also can get your 5th box free if you continue past your first box and pay for boxes 2-4. If you only want your first box free, just cancel with them after you receive the box and you are good to go without any penalties or charges 🙂 It’s free so why not?! Remember you can customize to get your box when YOU want, you can pick the date with a click of a button, whether its weekly or even once a month like I do.

Feel free to check out my other Graze reviews by clicking the tag and subscribe to my blog and Youtube channel 🙂 I generally sub back!

This post is not compensated or sponsored by Graze. All words are my own unless otherwise noted.

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