June ’14 BarkBox and 10% off code!

Hey everyone, so today was an exciting day because I had TWO packages waiting for me when I got home from classes! The first one was my very first DiamondCandle (Birthday cake scent) and the second was Cache’s June Barkbox!!! Poor guy wasn’t able to unbox it with me since he was neutered today but at least he has a whole box waiting for him when he can play around!


So if you’re unfamiliar with Barkbox it is a monthly subscription service for your dog! They offer 3 different boxes based on weight and various box frequencies ranging from monthly to 12 months at a time. I found a really good deal when I subscribed and I am definitely renewing when our time is up! Cache gets the small box (up to 20lbs) since he is around 15lbs at 9.5 weeks old, but the really nice thing is when he gets past that threshold I can change my box to medium without any penalty! Cache is also listed as a “heavy chewer” so not sure if I got the same thing as other people subscribed with small boxes since I haven’t had time to look over other blogs/vlogs. Anyways let’s get to the goodies!!



Included in the box is a card that explains the theme for this month (which is Paris for us) and on the back it gives and overview and price point for the items (I had a value of $30). This time they made it easier with order codes to make reordering quick and easy!


ImageNow let’s get to the good stuff, this box only had 4 items in it (normally 4-6) but they seem like really good quality with two toys and two treats

Harry Barker Eiffel Tower ($10) Seems pretty durable with the canvas and eco-friendly fiberfill inside. I think Cache will have a great time trying to get this to squeak!Image

Harry Barker Toile Bone ($8) Another item from the same company, this one is also pretty durable feeling and it has dog faces put on human bodies…too cute!!


Bocce’s Bakery Chicken Cordon Bleu Biscuits ($6) This is a 5oz bag of biscuits with only 4 ingredients, wheat-free, and made in the USA! The back of the bag has a 10% off code for future reorders so I thought that was pretty nice.



Feel Good Treat Co. Parisian Heart Biscuits ($6) This packaging threw me for a loop because it definitely looks like it should belong in a cute boutique rather than hold dog treats! There are three huge cookies in the box so i’ll have to break them up for Cache as one is way too much for him at one time but they smell pretty good (cinnamony) and i’m sure he’ll love them!



Overall i’d have to rate this box a “B” as the Parisian idea is cute but not necessarily something I would have bought for my puppy if I was in a store. The toys seem really durable and I know Cache will enjoy chewing and trying to get them to squeak. The big size of the Parisian cookies are a little odd since this box is for 20lbs and under and they just seem WAY too big to give at one sitting but breaking them apart isn’t really a big deal for me. I paid ~$12 for this box and received $30 in product, I liked last month’s box better but this is still a great box!

Click here to get your own subscription to Barkbox and save 10% off your order! 🙂


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