May 2014 BarkBox Review/Discount Code and Cache Update


Doesn’t he just melt your heart? Cache, our newest addition to the family is 6 weeks old today! We were able to take him home on Tuesday and to say it has been an adjustment is a major understatement. This guy has everyone wrapped around his furry little paw already but we still have a long ways to go until we are done working out the kinks. The first night was utterly exhausting..if this is any indication on what a newborn baby is are WAY out in the future! Everyone said aww the puppy will sleep SO much..boy were they wrong, the first night he might have slept for 45 minutes max at a time..tried all of the tricks in the book and nothing would soothe him! Now thankfully we are at the point of getting up fewer times during the night and strengthening his bladder. Potty training is a whole other story..we’re getting there one day at a time and for being 6 weeks old he’s doing fairly well but these things take time.

Speaking of being wrapped around a paw, Cache has SO many toys and play things that he is doing pretty well with not going after our stuff (yay!) and if he does his attention generally always leads back to his toys! We actually got our first BarkBox in the mail just before getting him home and while he’s still just a tad too young for some of the products in our first package but Gizmo is loving that he is getting stuff too! So what is BarkBox?

BarkBox is a monthly subscription service for your pups! Each month a package is shipped to your home around the 15th of every month filled with 4-6 items including size appropriate toys, treats, and products to try! They have 3 box sizes available depending on the weight of your pup, we are currently getting the small box (0-20lbs) but you have the option of changing your size at any time which is awesome since Cache won’t stay small forever! They also will accommodate for heavy chewer requests through email in case you need that too! They have different subscription options varying from a monthly commitment ($29/month) up to a yearly commitment ($18/month) with free shipping to the contiguous 48 states. I actually got a deal on Groupon for $13.33/month for a 6 month subscription plus almost $5 in cash back from Ebates making each box around $12 just to try it out but i’m already hooked! Once Cache is a little bit older i’m going to start videotaping our unwrapping/testing but this month it is just pictures!

So you are greeted by a box that looks like this


When you open it you see this! Ah the excitement!



Inside is a handy card that tells you a little back story on the monthly theme (May was Farmer’s Market) and a description of what’s inside!



Now lets get to the good stuff! First off Caitec’s Amazing Knobble Ball it squeaks differently depending on how it is squeezed and i know Cache is going to go crazy over it soon


Apparently these 100% cow bladder bully sticks are a fav from the pups and mine is no exception! He loves to chew on it (supervised of course) and I know he’d love more of them later on!


This squeaking carrot is just too cute and its even cuter when Cache tries to carry it!


Apple Cobbler dog treats?!? They smelled pretty good and had normal ingredients for humans but just couldn’t muster up the courage for a taste test so Gizmo gladly took the job and loved them! They are pretty hard so didnt want to risk it for the puppy.


Just what they need….more treats! Gizmo loved testing out the yummies and this one he tried getting more than one of…they didn’t smell too great though 😛


I accidentally threw away the card so next month i’ll have a better description when I type up my review on exactly what the item is and such, but I also went online and looked up the products (the links are on the card) and priced out my roughly $37 to buy the products individually, I paid only $12, a 68% savings!

Click here to get your own subscription PLUS get 10% off your order, even if you only get one box i’m sure your pup will thank you but hurry you only have until June 10th to get this bigger than normal discount! This is a great way to shave off up to $21 off your subscription and get the piece of mind that your furbabies will get quality products delivered each month without paying retail pet store prices! Also, part of the proceeds from each BarkBox goes back to animal shelters and rescues! Give to your pup and give back to the animal community..that’s a win/win in my book! I’m already looking forward to June’s box and it isn’t even for me! 🙂

Liz ❤


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